Installation is as easy as 1-2-3:
INCINOLET system comes to you as a complete, ready-to-install package. Installation is quick and easy.
Set the unit on the floor
Connect the vent pipe
Plug into electric power
Mount bowl liner dispenser on wall near unit
Venting Options:
Venting materials can be placed within a wall and INCINOLET can be placed against a wall at the back. Allow 6" to 8" on the right side to operate the foot pedal.
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General Dimensions:
Width 15 Inches
Height 20 Inches
Depth 24 Inches
Ventpipe 4 Inches dia.
Blower 100 cfm
Weight 85-95 lbs.

INCINOLET is built of heavy-duty stainless steel, and uses specially sealed and treated electric heaters and the finest control system in the world. Its rugged design is the result of over 40 years experience. We built quality into every INCINOLET to give you many years of dependable service.

Click here to download a condensed PDF manual.

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